Hello world!

Hey Readers!

I’m Kari, a college student studying Journalism with an advertising emphasis. I love working with social media and learning new ways to interact with it like blogging! This is my first blog that I’m attempting to do and when I was thinking about what I should write about, I immediately thought about doing something that is new to the web. Pinterest is the newest social media site that I’ve been addicted to. I could go on here for hours and hours and never get bored. With all the different categories you can look at including, fashion, cooking, DIY crafts, photography and many many more, it is impossible to find something that you wouldn’t like.

So with this blog, I want to write mainly about the recipes, crafts, and fashion that I’ve said to myself “one day I’m going to do that,” but secretly thinking doing these things will probably never happen. This blog is going to boost my ambition and actually make that “one day” happen but on a college student’s budget. I want to try and make recipes that I’ve never thought I could make, develop my creative side with crafts, and discover new styles of fashion to rock.

My Pinterest boards are full of pins that I need to try so hopefully I can continue this blog for a long time. I tend to follow mostly friends to see what they are interested in but I also follow a few celebrities and other bloggers. If any readers would like to contribute to my new discoveries or have any recipes they recommend me to make, feel free to let me know!