DIY Towel Rod Necklace Holder

How many of you girls out there hate when your necklaces get tangled and it takes forever to untangle them? I know I do. Well you’re in luck because I found this great solution to solve that problem!

About a year ago, I found this pin on Pinterest and showed my sister. We both thought it was the coolest thing. Then on Christmas my sister bought me the towel rod and shower curtain hangers to put it together. Well since this blog has boosted my creativity and ambition  I’m FINALLY putting it together (I know I’m a bad sister).

All there is to it is a towel rod and shower curtain hooks. It was pretty easy to step up but I needed my boyfriend to use the power drill because I wouldn’t trust myself doing it. All you had to do was follow the directions that the towel rod had to set up in its packaging. And that’s it! Easiest project ever.

Now since I didn’t actually buy any of it, I thought I would do a little research and find where to buy the cheapest supplies. Here is a pretty cheap towel rod I found at Walmart. I liked the matte finish that this one has rather than the brass or metal finish. You could also look at TJ Maxx, which I usually find pretty cheap house ware supplies there, or you could always look at Goodwill.

Now for the shower curtain hooks, these are the ones that I have from Target. But I also think these colorful ones from Walmart are really cute!

You can mix and match anything you that you find and for really cheap too! What do you guys think of this inexpensive DIY project? Feel free to share your thoughts.


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