Painted Wine Bottles

With the holiday season here, I thought this week I would try and do something festive. Pinterest has a million fun Christmas projects to choose from so it was a tough decision on what to pick. Painted wine bottles are something easy and cheap to create so I thought I would attempt to do it. I got inspired by a few different pins I found and thought I would combine a few styles.

I loved the sparkle of these wine bottles and how “Christmasy” it looked. So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought glitter spray paint in silver and gold. They happen to have a sale going on for 30% off so I got each bottle for only $5!

I have also always wanted to try and use chalkboard spray paint so I thought I would combine the glitter from the top picture with this version of the chalkboard paint below.

I already had leftover wine bottles at my house that my roommates and I finished (and don’t worry we are all of age :)). The chalkboard paint was also on sale for $4 so I only spent about $16 total! I also bought primer to spray on the bottles first.

Priming the bottles went smoothly but when I moved on to the glitter paint, my spray cans stopped working half way through.

So this project turned out to be a fail….but only for now. I really want to redo this because it is still easy and I loved the way it started to look. If your going to try this please don’t get discouraged by my mishap. I believe it is possible!

Supplies I used:

  • 3 wine bottles
  • Warm soapy water (to take off wine labels)
  • 2 cans of glitter spray paint (silver and gold)
  • White primer spray paint
  • Old newspapers or any sort of covering for surface you will be painting on

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy Holidays! Stay tuned for my corrections and let’s hope it turns out right the second time!

Does anyone else have any fun holiday crafts they are trying out? I’d love some more ideas to add to my Christmas board!